Cash-Out Refinance Marketing List for mortgage brokers.

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DATAMAN GROUP DIRECT, who has been providing direct mail, telemarketing & email lists to marketers for over 36 years, introduces a new Cash-Out Refinance Marketing List for mortgage brokers.


Boca Raton, FL, April 7, 2021 - New Cash-Out Refinance Marketing List from Dataman Group Direct offers mortgage brokers entrée to a growing marketing.

Cash-out refinances are surging in popularity jumping 42% in 2020 compared to 2019. This has been fueled by rising home prices combined with lower mortgage rates and the need for ready cash.

A cash-out refinancing enables homeowners to trade the equity in their homes for a lump sum of cash.  

Homeowners pay off their old mortgage with a new one, and keep the extra cash that’s left over. Last year that averaged about $50,000 per transaction.    

Now that Cash-Out Refinances have become an important strategy for today’s homeowner, mortgage companies are searching for the right prospects to market these loans.  

Dataman Group’s new Cash-Out Refinance Marketing List incorporates many variables, including estimated equity in the home, revolving debt, presence of children, length of residence, homeowner age and income.

Telephone numbers and email addresses are available for a portion of the file.  

“This is an excellent list for direct mail marketing, telemarketing, email marketing and digital advertising” said Dataman Group President Dale Filhaber. “Our customers expect us to not only provide them with the best targeted lists in the industry, but also with cutting edge marketing advice.   Right now, this is a perfect list for mortgage marketers looking for new business.”

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