Opterus Inc.

PO Box 248
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1M7

About Opterus Inc.

Transforming Operational Communications: Opterus is your one stop shop to solve all your operational specific execution and communication challenges with task management, communications, social collaboration and much more. Opterus specializes in retail, banking and foodservice.
OpsCenter is an intuitive, multi modular, cloud solution designed specifically for retail to simply and effectively manage and execute store tasks and communications. Through Opterus' modular approach, OpsCenter solves the entire retail communications problem, not just pieces of it.
Holler is our new mobile social collaboration app built for retail teams that is fun and familiar. Associates can chat with others and create group chats within their stores or areas. It also allows for a company news feed of pictures, videos and status updates which can be liked or commented on.

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