• Carmila Success Story

    Carmila uses Cloud4Wi to strengthen customer relationships when it needed to the most.
  • Almod Diamonds Success Story

    Cloud4Wi’s application suite helped Almod Diamonds growits customer database and boost customer engagement.
  • The Cordish Companies Success Story

    Acclaimed real estate developer uses Cloud4Wi to revitalize the guest experience on its properties even during the COVID-19 era.
  • PerDormire Success Story

    Cloud4Wi enabled PerDormire to turn one-time store visitors into brand ambassadors thanks to in-store WiFi.
  • Prada Group Success Story

    The Prada Group uses Cloud4Wi’s Product suite to transform in-store customer experience in more than 600 stores worldwide.
  • Cloud4Wi Triggers Customers Based on Real-time, In-store Behaviors

    Customer Journey Case Study- A random female shopper enters store and engages with the brand via her mobile phone.