Gepard PIM

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About Gepard PIM

Gepard PIM is a turn-key eCommerce platform that automates work with product data and empowers retailers & brands to manage the product information consumers demand.
Starting from importing the content in any convenient file extension, automatically adjusting it to the retailers’ requirements, and ending at seamless content delivery to the various points of sales, Gepard helps to decrease time-to-market and reduce manual work.

Special fetures include:

Advanced Product Data Syndication
Advanced data syndication feature automatically pushes product data to associated marketplaces. Their solution for product content syndication constantly adjusts product data to the required format and reliably sends it to relevant online marketplaces. This is accomplished through carefully designed data mapping techniques that are customized to fulfill the specific requirements of retailers.

Data Enrichment
The company's module for data enrichment aids enhances and enriches the quality and significance of retailers' product data retailers and contributes to improving SEO performance and fostering outstanding customer experiences.

Data Standardization & Validation
Gepard PIM employs robust methods for validating data to ensure the consistency and accuracy of product information. This powerful tool conducts thorough validation of data, generating reports that highlight fields that are incomplete or inaccurately filled, and identifies and removes duplicates, thereby ensuring high-quality product information that benefits customers and maintains the reliable brand image of clients.

Multi Taxonomy Management
The company guarantees the systematic organization of data, aligning it with the requirements of stakeholders and the preferences of buyers. Gepard PIM offers valuable assistance to retailers and brands in centralizing their extensive data, resulting in reduced time-to-market and a remarkable 75% increase in operational efficiency. Importantly, this system enables the delivery of over 120 million product descriptions per month across a variety of retail platforms.

Content Collection Automation
Relevant product information can be effortlessly obtained from suppliers through Gepard's automated content collection system. This eliminates the need to handle spreadsheets containing product data. Gepard employs a unique mapping algorithm to gather content on the user's behalf. The gathered data is automatically enriched, validated, formatted based on specifications, and then distributed to the user's eCommerce website.

Digital Shelf Analytics
Gepard's digital shelf analytics allows users to monitor product listings and their performance through a single user interface. The company's digital shelf software serves as a potent tool to enhance sales by providing accurate and complete product information, qualities that buyers seek in eCommerce products. This analytics tool enables swift activation of items on the user's webshop to maximize sales potential.

Multiple Integrations & Connections
Gepard PIM tool offers seamless integration with your desired platforms. Gepard's connectors facilitate versatile any-to-any connection setups, enabling quick and easy links to marketplaces, retailers, content providers, and various services. Users can achieve smooth integration with eCommerce platforms like Amazon Marketplace, Google Shopping, Shopify, Magento, and more when utilizing Gepard's PIM software.

Headless eCommerce Possibilities
Headless commerce is a distinct eCommerce development strategy where the frontend and backend are separately constructed and then united through a dedicated API (application programming interface). Headless solutions provide complete customization, allowing systems to expand to accommodate surges in product demand.

Great Transformation Capabilities & Strong Backend
Gepard PIM boasts robust backend capabilities and transformation features that amplify sales and growth possibilities.

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