White Papers for Retail TouchPoints Industry Guide

  • Top Retail Trends To Expect In 2023

    As e-commerce continues to ramp up, “experiential,” “omnichannel,” and “phygital” are becoming brick-and-mortar retailers' favorite words—and for good reason. In-person shopping needs to step up its game to keep thriving in an increasingly digital world. In “The Top Retail Trends to Expect in...
  • Finding the Perfect List of New Homeowners

    New Homeowners are a profitable market segment for many businesses. Discover the success of targeting new homeowners with accurate list data. Our guide provides you with everything you need to locate the perfect list of new homeowners for your business.
  • Guide to In-store Marketing

    This guide to in-store marketing shares the following:- The current state of technology for in-store marketing- How in-store marketing software will contribute to Y-on-Y revenue growth.- How to select a technology partner for in-store marketing software. - Top features to look for in your...
  • Carmila Success Story

    Carmila uses Cloud4Wi to strengthen customer relationships when it needed to the most.