White Papers for Retail TouchPoints Industry Guide

  • Top Retail Trends To Expect In 2023

    As e-commerce continues to ramp up, “experiential,” “omnichannel,” and “phygital” are becoming brick-and-mortar retailers' favorite words—and for good reason. In-person shopping needs to step up its game to keep thriving in an increasingly digital world. In “The Top Retail Trends to Expect in...
  • Benefits of Tejas Purchase Order Management System

    Tejas myPOmanager serves as an intelligent function between Retailers and Vendors in providing maximum efficiency with Purchase Order Lifecycle Management.
  • Getting Started with Complete-EDI and Workato iPaaS

    Overview of how Complete-EDI works with Workato iPaaS
  • Guide to In-store Marketing

    This guide to in-store marketing shares the following:- The current state of technology for in-store marketing- How in-store marketing software will contribute to Y-on-Y revenue growth.- How to select a technology partner for in-store marketing software. - Top features to look for in your...